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I’m so loving this song and image that GACKT chose to promote the song that I had to make a post about it ^^;

His image is based on Gakupo, the vocaloid that GACKT lent his voice to, back in 2007. But it’s more Gakupo Visual Kei and I absolutely love his clothes and that purple wig. The song was the winner of a Nico Nico Douga contest and GACKT is singing this song and also the runner up Paranoid doll.

Though my favorite performance so far was on Music Japan, I found a Youtube clip of the Happy Music Store performance which features HIZAKI from Versailles ^_^v


Study update & Versailles II


Recently I acquired some good books that will surely help me in my Japanese studying, they’re very practical so I’m excited ^.^ I hope to make more progresses!

So Versailles again…xD I’ve been listening to a lot of their music and I must say that I really enjoy it, I already knew them but only recently I’ve really started to “listen” to them, good music.

I’ve been watching their mini dorama Onegai kanaete Versailles and I’m able to understand some tidbits of it which makes me happy ^____^

I’ll end with this song Amorphous, it’s just so beautiful…


Study update & Versailles


I guess I hit a saturation point in all the Japanese grammar studying, I need to give my brain a rest…meanwhile I’m reading a conversational Japanese book which is very useful. I still keep practicing my vocabulary  and understanding everyday ^_^


Lately I can’t get enough of the Japanese band  Versailles… they’re really great, love their music and visuals, honestly they’re the first visual kei band that I’m really into. Today I woke up with this song on my mind:

Their new single Philia is also very good ^^



I feel sleepy now so…. no more studying for me today.

I feel like I have to do it in the morning, otherwise my mind can’t really absorb anything, when it gets late, I’m too tired and can’t retain  anything….

Tomorrow I’ll be studying  particles, found a text that has the information laid out in a simple way, so I’m expecting to make some progresses ^^v

Well, I still have time for a bit more of music, this song Glowing Butterfly by Versailles, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Versailles is an awesome band!