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Japanese practice sentences


Lately I’ve been studying Tim R. Matheson’s Japanese Verbs again and thought that would be good to collect the example sentences given when he’s explaining some topic for practice purposes. It’s imporant to gain confidence to speak Japanese and some example sentences to get you used to the language is an important thing in my opinion. I guess I’ll compile some sentences in a document to train my speaking ^^

Sentences retrieved from Japanese Verbs by Tim R. Matheson, Kanji by me 😉 – I thought I should give it a try, any errors are solely mine.

私は明日決めます/Watashi wa ashita kimemasu (I’ll decide tomorrow)

Jerry は直ぐ出ます/Jerry wa sugu demasu (Jerry will come out soon)

あやこは毎日テレビを見ます/Ayako wa mainichi terebi o mimasu (Ayako watches TV everyday)

John はひろしまに行きました/John wa Hiroshima ni ikimashita (John went to Hiroshima)

みきはその映画を見たい/Miki wa sono eiga o mitai (Miki wants to see that movie)

雪は降らないでしょう/Yuki wa furanai deshou (It probably won’t snow)

音楽を聞きますテレビを見たくない/Ongaku o kikimasu, terebi o mitakunai kara (I’m going to listen to music because I don’t want to watch tv)

Also, I can’t recommend enough fot you to visit Tim R. Matheson’s site – Tim’s Takamatsu Home, he has some great study material you should check, just click the link on my blogroll 😉