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Japanese Verbs – The Book


It arrived last week and I’m really happy with my purchase ^_^ It’s the book by Tim R. Matheson called “Japanese Verbs – Saying What You Mean”.

Some photos (I apologize for the weak quality u_u):

If you know and like Tim’s material from his website you’ll certainly won’t regret buying this book. The contents are explained in a clear, simple manner, always with examples to aid the comprehension. It has helped me immensely to understand the language and to form sentences, all the Japanese that I can speak and understand is thanks to Mr. Tim’s works ^_^

Besides the Japanese verbs lessons it also features other relevant materials to complement your learning and the good thing is that you can use it if you’re just starting to learn Japanese Grammar and also if you’re a more advanced student.



Study Update!


It’s been so long! (again) -_-

Unfortunately my studies have slowed  down a bit in the past few weeks… u_u  So I’m in need of some reviewing before I can move forward again.

KanjiBox is a great aid, there you can review your Kana, Kanji, Vocabulary and Reading in a quiz- like mode.

It’s no secret that I appreciate Tim R. Matheson’s work, most grammar that I know and understand from Japanese comes from reading  materials from his site, so lately I’ve been thinking in purchasing his book “Japanese Verbs – Saying what you mean” since it’s more complete.

Another thing I’ve been missing is reading and analyzing lyrics from songs  I like, that used to do wonders on my Japanese learning…. *sighs*

Learned Kanji 3


I’ve been wanting to update the blog but haven’t found time till now ^^;

So, once again, more Kanji I learned:

右 migi (right)

左 hidari (left)

白 shiro (white)

山 yama (mountain)

川 kawa  (river)

校 kou (school)

上 ue (up)

下 shita (down)

円 en (yen, circle)

天 ten (sky/heaven)

語 go (language)

雨 ame (rain)

名 na (name/famous)

年 toshi (year)

土 soil/ground (tsuchi)

It’s really nice being able to look at a bunch of kanji and then suddenly recognise some and know their meanings ^^  I have so much more to learn, but I’ll keep studying  ^_^ b

I’ve been also working on more vocabulary lists and I’ll post them as soon as I have many.

Vocabulary lists update


These are all the vocabulary lists I have until now. They contain vocabulary that I collect from books, songs, tv shows, etc.

Vocabulary list 10

Vocabulary list 11

Vocabulary list 12

Vocabulary list 13

Vocabulary list 14

Vocabulary list 15

Vocabulary list 16

Vocabulary list 17

Vocabulary list 18

Vocabulary list 19

Vocabulary list 20

(note to self: keep making these, keep studying)

Study Material


Tim’s Takamatsu Home is one of my favorite websites concerning Japanese study resources. His “Japanese Verbs”  are an amazing study aid for Japanese grammar, especially if you’re like me and have been scared many times by annoying and hard to understand textbooks.

All the information is vell organized and explained, I’ve been really making progresses thanks to these materials.

Besides the Japanese language, his site also features photos albums and other subjects, like the Japanese year and holidays.

I strongly advise every Japanese language student to check out his work!