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Samurai Baby


I found this site and it’s very cool, the name is Samurai Baby , it’s features kanji names, meanings and a dictionary.

You can write your name in kanji, in a symbolic way of course if you don’t have a japanese name. Foreign names should be written in katakana,, but this is a fun way to get a kanji representation of your name.

Here is an example:

The correct representation of the name would be メリサ, I’ve also seen it like this: メリッサ, but honestly I think the first one is more correct since サ is pretty much pronounced ssa.





I love music ^_^ And it was Japanese music that lead me to want to learn Japanese, for some reason I just wanted to understand what it’s sung!

This song HEAVEN, was one of the first japanese songs I’ve ever heard and I immediately fell in love with it

Other one, that really got me into japanese music was this song:

Well pretty much I can say that I love anything GACKT and his songs have been a good vocabulary source for me. Not only his of course, I think searching vocabulary though our favorite j-songs is a good and fun way to study! Just search the lyrics in romaji and then you can use the wakan dictionary feature to look up the meaning of the words ^_^v