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I’m so loving this song and image that GACKT chose to promote the song that I had to make a post about it ^^;

His image is based on Gakupo, the vocaloid that GACKT lent his voice to, back in 2007. But it’s more Gakupo Visual Kei and I absolutely love his clothes and that purple wig. The song was the winner of a Nico Nico Douga contest and GACKT is singing this song and also the runner up Paranoid doll.

Though my favorite performance so far was on Music Japan, I found a Youtube clip of the Happy Music Store performance which features HIZAKI from Versailles ^_^v


Last song…


My motivation for learning Japanese was widely influenced by Japanese music. I’ve always wanted to be able to understand the lyrics, to me that’s very important.

Last song by GACKT has been one of the songs that has accompanied me trough the learning process and always reminds me of when I started learning Japanese.

I just love this live version, so beautiful..

And here is a translation by Amaiakuyume at moon-struck.net


Study Update II


Recently I’ve been focusing more in the speaking part of the language rather than the written part (meaning kanji), it’s cool because now I can make simple sentences and my understanding of the language is also growing. I can listen to music, podcasts and watch tv shows and understand many things ^_^

Meanwhile I keep on continuously working on my vocabulary.

This song has been on my mind a lot lately, the more I listen to it the more I like it.

It’s future by GACKT (of course)



I love music ^_^ And it was Japanese music that lead me to want to learn Japanese, for some reason I just wanted to understand what it’s sung!

This song HEAVEN, was one of the first japanese songs I’ve ever heard and I immediately fell in love with it

Other one, that really got me into japanese music was this song:

Well pretty much I can say that I love anything GACKT and his songs have been a good vocabulary source for me. Not only his of course, I think searching vocabulary though our favorite j-songs is a good and fun way to study! Just search the lyrics in romaji and then you can use the wakan dictionary feature to look up the meaning of the words ^_^v

Stuff and more vocab lists…


Yesterday I bought a really cute My Melody binder to organize some of my japanese studying material. It’s so cute ^_^v

If you’re interested in J – music and like to check out lyrics in japanese and know their meanings, I advise you to visit http://moon-struck.net/ , it’s an archive of lyrics and translations of all songs by japanese singer GACKT. It’s really good!

I leave you with another set of vocabulary lists

Vocabulary list 4

Vocabulary list 5

Vocabulary list 6