Kanji compounds


I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now, even if it’s not much, there are many Japanese words formed by more than one Kanji that I’m able to read now. I can say that making all that vocabulary learning  in the first stages of learning Japanese really pays off now, because when I learn the Kanji (or Kanjis) for a certain word that I already know,  it’s makes so much sense and sticks to my brain so much easily.  And it’s cool to know “oh so this is how this word is written!”

Some examples of these words are:

音楽 (music)
映画 (movie)
日本風 (Japanese style)
手紙 (letter)
先生 (teacher)
大学 (university)
今月 (this month)
お天気 (weather)
名前 (name)
家族 (family)
電車 (train)
小犬 (puppy)


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