Learned Kanji 9


As I keep memorizing more Kanji, I have to find new ways to make my brain remember them, specially when I get to those Kanji that are pretty much alike or have many elements in common o.o But it sure is good when I’m able to do it  ^_^

手zu/te (hand)

南nan/minami (south)

北boku/kita (north)

映ei/utsuru (to reflect/to project on a screen)

重juu/chou/omoi (heavy)

者sha/mono (person)

住 juu/chuu/sumu (live/reside)

運 un/ hakobu (luck/to carry)

週 shuu (week)

Until now I’ve learned more than one hundred Kanji ^_^v Though it’s not much if we consider that kids learn more than one thousand just in elementary school… But I’ll keep learning! 😉


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