Learned Kanji 3


I’ve been wanting to update the blog but haven’t found time till now ^^;

So, once again, more Kanji I learned:

右 migi (right)

左 hidari (left)

白 shiro (white)

山 yama (mountain)

川 kawa  (river)

校 kou (school)

上 ue (up)

下 shita (down)

円 en (yen, circle)

天 ten (sky/heaven)

語 go (language)

雨 ame (rain)

名 na (name/famous)

年 toshi (year)

土 soil/ground (tsuchi)

It’s really nice being able to look at a bunch of kanji and then suddenly recognise some and know their meanings ^^  I have so much more to learn, but I’ll keep studying  ^_^ b

I’ve been also working on more vocabulary lists and I’ll post them as soon as I have many.


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