Learned Kanji 2


I gave up following the NihongoUp lessons order, because since I got some flashcards that have different Kanji than the lessons and I’m actually able to study more that way, I’ll just post the Kanji I learn in a random order… 😉

Here are some more that I recently learned:

父 chichi (father)

母 haha (mother)

友 tomo (friend)

男 otoko (male)

女 onna (female)

本 hon (book, counter for long objects)

金 kane/kin (money/gold)

木 ki (tree)

水 mizu (water)

人 hito (person)

子 ko (child)

火 ka/bi(fire)

月 gatsu/tsuki (month/moon)

日 nichi (sun/day)

I always thought I wouldn’t enjoy learning Kanji, but it isn’t half bad after all!

Also I know I’m not putting up all the possible readings for these Kanji, I’m focusing more on their meanings and recognizing the characters.

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