Learned Kanji


I’ve started studying Kanji on NihongoUp and as was suggested in a lesson I’m making a list with all the Kanji I’ll learn (Hopefully it will be many ^_^). It will surely help me to keep track of the learned Kanji.

These ones are from the first lesson:

○  zero, rei, maru    (zero)

一 ichi     (one)

二ni       (two)

三san   ( three)

四shi/yon  (four)

五go  (five)

六roku  (six)

七shichi/nana  (seven)

八hachi (eight)

九kyuu/ku (nine)

十juu (ten)

百hyaku (hundred)

千sen (thousand)

万man (ten thousand,all)

何nani (what/how many)

I can already recognize more than just these ones but I’ll follow the lessons order.


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