One of the things that I find more important in studying Japanese (and any other language for that matter) is to memorize vocabulary. I really like to search vocabulary and learn new words but sometimes it can become confusing when words are similar, for example, these four words:

  • Itsumo – always
  • Itsumono – usual/habitual
  • Itsumademo – forever
  • Itsudemo – anytime/whenever

 So, they all have different meanings but written they are quite similar, in my opinion, so I sometimes switch their meanings or have to take the time to think, itsumo means this so itsumono means that… xD

Of course, the words have different usages so it’s unlikely to get them wrong while speaking it’s only a matter of time till my brain assimilates them and all be good.

I find that it helps to memorize words that you have a hard time recalling by memorizing them alongside sentences so you won’t forget their meaning.


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